Big the Musical

Board Gáis Energy Theatre, Dublin
2017-01-07 • 19:30

I waited 20 years to finally be able to see this short-lived 1996 Broadway musical, which closed less than a year before my first ever trip to New York.

Based on the charming 1988 film starring Tom Hanks, the show boasts an infectious score by David Shire. The cast recording has been a favourite of mine for years.

Seeing this exuberantly staged production confirmed my appreciation of the show. It also allowed me to spot its weaknesses and the places where the magic of the film doesn’t seem to translate.

The cast is strong, but leading man Jay McGuiness sadly lacks Hanks’ charisma, which is made all the more obvious by his co-stars’ magnetic charm. Jessica Martin as the mother and Gary Wilmot as MacMillan are particularly appealing. And Diana Vickers as Susan sings superbly.

The question remains: is this production headed for the West End?

3 thoughts on “Big the Musical

      1. That’s all right! “L’erreur est humaine!” … My brain fails me too, since I “hink” instead of “think”! LOL!


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