In Transit

Circle in the Square, New York
2017-03-11 • 14:00

This a cappella musical, which is nearing its 100th performance, has been doing so meagrely in terms of grosses that I was convinced it would close before I got an opportunity to see it. (I had a ticket to see it in December, but I gave it up in order to be able to catch the first preview of The Band’s Visit, which was worth it.)

The show starts looking like an old-fashioned revue until it appears there is a common backstory linking those characters whose only commonality, at first, is that they travel by subway.

As charming as it is, it doesn’t quite feel at home in a Broadway theatre, be it the modestly-sized, 650-seat, Circle in the Square.

I can’t say the score touched me very much, in spite of the cast’s undeniable commitment (although I couldn’t help noticing that James Snyder sometimes looked like he’d rather be elsewhere, especially during the ensemble numbers).

The audience was genuinely enthusiastic at the end, though, which is probably what keeps the show running in spite of its disappointing grosses.

Written by: Kristen Anderson-Lopez, James-Allen Ford, Russ Kaplan, Sara Wordsworth. Directed and choreographed by Kathleen Marshall. Music Director: Rick Hip-Flores. With Justin Guarini, Telly Leung, Laurel Harris (understudy), James Snyder, Moya Angela, Erin Mackey, …

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