The Exterminating Angel

Royal Opera House, London
2017-05-06 • 19:00

Thomas Adès’s newest opera, created last Summer in Salzburg, is a masterly adaptation of Luis Buñuel’s remarkable 1962 movie (which, interestingly, is also reported to be the basis for Stephen Sondheim’s next musical).

Adès’s writing is powerful and absorbing. I’ll admit to being more sensitive to his orchestral writing than to his vocal writing, but his score is a perfect match for the eerie surrealism of the movie. The inclusion of the ondes Martenot is a particularly powerful device.

Music: Thomas Adès. Libretto: Tom Cairns. Director: Tom Cairns. With Thomas Allen, Sophie Bevan, Amanda Echalaz, Audrey Luna, Ed Lyon, Sally Matthews, Anne Sofie von Otter, Christine Rice, John Tomlinson, Charles Workman,  …

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