Desperate Measures

York Theatre Company, New York
2017-05-15 • 14:00

This musical, “loosely based on Measure For Measure by William Shakespeare,” is given a couple of performances as part of the York Theatre Company’s Developmental Reading Series. It appears to have been around for more than ten years, so it cannot rightly be described as new.

The score, not very convincingly described as “country & western,” is an absolute delight – especially as performed here by a piano, a bass, a violin (alternating with a mandolin) and a guitar (alternating with a banjo). The book and lyrics, written in rhyming verse, are irresistibly witty and clever. The humour blissfully crosses into un-PC territory at times, which probably limits the show’s commercial potential… but Desperate Measures would most definitely deserve a healthy Off-Broadway run.

Words fail me to praise the achievements of the great, great cast, which brought out with infinite talent the delicious comedic content of the play. It was fun to see the talented A. J. Shively again (after La Cage aux Folles, February House, Unlock’d and Bright Star) as well as Lauren Molina, infamous for being one half of The Skivvies, whom I also saw in Marry Me a Little and as a hilarious Countess Charlotte in A Little Night Music in Boston. Heath Calvert’s incredibly mellow voice also deserves a special mention.

Music by David Friedman. Book and lyrics by Peter Kellogg.
Directed by Bill Castellino. Music Direction by David Hancock Turner. With Bill Buell (Father Morse), Heath Calvert (Sheriff Green), Erika Henningsen (Susanna, aka Sister Mary Jo), Lauren Molina (Bella Rose), A. J. Shively (Johnny Blood), Nick Wyman (Governor von Richterhenkenpflichtgetruber).

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