Miss Saigon

Broadway Theatre, New York
2017-05-15 • 20:00

Miss Saigon is back where it started — at the Broadway Theatre, where the original production opened in 1991.

This new production, which I loved in London (when in opened in 2014 and again on closing day in 2016), seems to have lost some of its steam while crossing the Atlantic. Maybe the sheer size of the house is at odds with the scaled-down production: the Broadway Theatre is huge and notoriously difficult to play to, especially when the house is very far from full. Or maybe I happened to catch the show on an off-night.

There were several aspects of the performance that I would describe as sloppy: jagged chorus lines during “The Morning of the Dragon,” the monitor showing the conductor in the wings in full view of the audience (spoiling the blackouts that I admired so much in London), the rumbling noise made by the set piece carrying Chris and Ellen’s bed at the beginning of “I Still Believe” (further ruined by a crude light that destroyed the visual illusion I found so brilliant)… to give only a few examples.

The only major asset left from the London production is the impeccable sound design, which makes each syllable of each word crystal clear. And a very good cast. But the magic seems to be gone.

Music by Claude-Michel Schönberg. Lyrics by Richard Maltby, Jr. & Alain Boublil. 
Directed by Laurence Connor. Musical Staging and Choreography by Bob Avian. With Jon Jon Briones (Engineer), Eva Noblezada (Kim), Alistair Brammer (Chris), Katie Rose Clarke (Ellen), Nicholas Christopher (John), …

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