Dear Evan Hansen

The Music Box, New York
2017-05-17 • 14:00

I was lucky to see the very first performance of this musical in Washington in July of 2015. It has now made its way to Broadway… with, amazingly, the exact same cast, except for one secondary role.

This second viewing hasn’t changed my opinion: Dear Evan Hansen has a great original book and a wildly charismatic leading man. The score, on the other hand, doesn’t appeal to me very much… and I’m not quite convinced by Michael Greif’s directorial approach, which makes the show look like every other show he has directed.

The drawback of moving to Broadway is that the play has lost some of its intimacy. Beside, the size of the house seems to encourage the actors to sing at the top of their lungs… which not only gets on my nerves and makes some of the lyrics difficult to understand, but has also taxed the voices quite a bit. Most voices sound tired, including Ben Platt’s. I’m pretty sure everybody would gain from taking it down a notch.

Music and Lyrics by Benj Pasek & Justin Paul. Book by Steven Levenson.
Directed by Michael Greif. With Ben Platt (Evan Hansen), Laura Dreyfuss (Zoe Murphy), Rachel Bay Jones (Heidi Hansen), Jennifer Laura Thompson (Cynthia Murphy), Mike Faist (Connor Murphy), Michael Park (Larry Murphy), Will Roland (Jared Kleinman), Kristolyn Lloyd (Alana Beck).

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