Westside Theatre (Upstairs), New York
2017-05-18 • 14:00

This musical originated at the York Theatre Company in 2015 and has been running for a little over a year at Off-Broadway’s Westside Theatre, where it is scheduled to close in a few days. It is a somewhat lengthy, but neatly executed, biography of actor/dancer James Cagney… evidently a labour of love for its leading man, Robert Creighton, who wrote part of the score.

Even though it is told in flashback, the show feels very linear and overlong. It is redeemed by Bill Castellino’s sharp staging and by Joshua Bergasse’s choreography, brilliant as always. The hard-working cast does a fine job of playing multiple characters throughout the show.

There have been rumours about a possible Broadway transfer. Stranger things have happened.

Music & Lyrics: Robert Creighton & Christopher McGovern. Book: Peter Colley.
Direction: Bill Castellino. Choreography: Joshua Bergasse. With Robert Creighton (James Cagney), Jeremy Benton, Danette Holden, Bruce Sabath, Freddie Kimmel (standby), Karen Hyland (standby).

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