Hello, Dolly!

Shubert Theatre, New York
2017-05-17 • 20:00

From the second Bette Midler makes her appearance, the audience make it clear they will adore her performance no matter what. And they keep their promise, in spite of the abundant mugging and the notes sung an octave lower (in “Put On Your Sunday Clothes”).

Not that Midler isn’t a good Dolly. In fact, she’s quite likeable. But the amount of slapstick comedy introduced by Jerry Zaks in an otherwise handsome production does everybody a disservice — including to Midler’s costar, David Hyde Pierce. Hello, Dolly! was never a subtle show. But comedy works so much better when played without excess.

Kate Baldwin stands out among the principal cast — her voice is magnificent. But she too has to transform her character into a cardboard cutout.

The choreography by Warren Carlyle is full of giddy invention. There is a very particular step he has designed for “Dancing” which gives the scene a unique, elegant character. 

Music and Lyrics by Jerry Herman. Book by Michael Stewart.
Directed by Jerry Zaks. Choreography by Warren Carlyle. Music Direction by Andy Einhorn. With Bette Midler (Dolly Gallagher Levi), David Hyde Pierce (Horace Vandergelder), Kate Baldwin (Irene Molloy), Gavin Creel (Cornelius Hackl), … 

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