Groundhog Day

August Wilson Theatre, New York
2017-05-18 • 19:00

I was quite enthusiastic when I first saw this show at London’s Old Vic in July 2016. It has now made its way to Broadway with its leading man, the wonderful Andy Karl.

I was slightly less impressed by Tim Minchin’s score than the first time, but I still think the show is a perfect adaptation of the movie. The author of the book, Danny Rubin, had enough sense to stick to the original movie script when it made sense… and to dare to re-envision whole segments when it allowed for a more theatrical experience. Together with director Matthew Warchus, they have created a very funny musical comedy — probably the most difficult genre to get right (failed attempts can be pathetic).

Andy Karl gives a superb performance, infused by a strong instinct for dry comedy. His much-publicised injury doesn’t appear to impact his mobility much… even though he is still wearing a leg brace — which now plays a part in one of the seduction scenes.

Music and Lyrics by Tim Minchin. Book by Danny Rubin.
Directed by Matthew Warchus. Choreography by Peter Darling. With Andy Karl (Phil Connors), Barrett Doss (Rita Hanson), …

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