110 in the Shade

Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre, London
2017-05-27 • 19:30

The small productions of this E17 theatre-above-a-pub can sometimes be hit-or-miss, but this particular one scores very high.

What made this performance particularly exciting was the superlative quality of singing from the ensemble as well as some of the principals (with Nick Wyschna standing out thanks to his particularly enchanting voice). The production does justice to Harvey Schmidt’s gem of a score, even though the reduced orchestration had to get rid of Hersy Kay’s best asset, the brass section. Some aspects were lost, like the end of “The Rain Song” and its bewitching chromatic ascent, but most songs retained their glorious appeal.

Now somebody please produce Celebration, another Schmidt & Jones musical with an incredible score.

Music by Harvey Schmidt. Lyrics by Tom Jones. Book by N. Richard Nash. 
Director: Randy Smartnick. Musical Director: Aaron Clingham. With Laurel Dougall (Lizzie Curry), Daniel Urch (Starbuck), Nick Wyschna (File), Christopher Lyne (H.C. Curry), David West (Noah Curry), Julian Quijano (Jimmy Curry), Rebecca Withers (Snookie Updegraff), …

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