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New Girl in Town


Eureka Theatre, San Francisco
2017-04-13 • 19:00

Although I’d already seen a production of this 1957 musical adaptation of Eugene O’Neill’s Anna Christie, I jumped at the chance of hearing Bob Merrill’s score again.

42nd Street Moon’s productions are always modest in size… and this one made do with a single piano accompaniment… but the glory of the music still shone through. It made me all the sadder that the show had been cut down to 90 minutes only — with a large proportion of the ballet music gone. (The original production was a showcase for Bob Fosse’s talent… so there was a lot of dance music, including an infamous “Bordello Ballet” in the second act.)

Both Allison F. Rich as Anna and Chris Vettel as Chris gave great performances. Joshua Marx, as Matt, did justice to the score’s greatest song, “Look at ’Er.”